From The Original BUCHEIMER CLARK™ CO. This is The Original Dirty Harry® II, Magnum Citizen; much like the original one from the movies!! It features all the specs as the original, except there is no need for a belt!! The picture shown is for a S&W Model 29 with a 6.5" barrel but can be made for any revolver and any semi-automatic pistol in the world! This holster however, is our most popular model. It is our rich russet leather, with rich russet suede lining and Ivory colored stitching. This model comes with a spring like the Original Dirty Harry® shoulder holster from the films. NO Belt needed to wear!! Has Exclusive Swivel-Comfort™ Harness!! The workmanship in this holster is, we believe, some of the best quality out there. This holster will surely change the minds of any gun owner, that wants to carry S&W Model 29 around in style, and most importantly… In comfort!! We make them for all revolvers and semi-autos!! No long delivery!! 2-3 week ship out!! BUCHEIMER CLARK™ has it’s own production line. NOW GO SHOOT™!!
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  ° The Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster,
  ° S.T.U.™ (Severe Tactical Use™) Shoulder Holsters
  ° Bucheimer Clark™/Magnum Citizen™ Shoulder Holsters
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The Original Dirty Harry® II™ Magnum Citizen™ Shoulder Holster